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When you have a family and you have a business, you add them both together to make your dream succeed.  When you want to support your local community, that means you have to find creative ways to bring your family with you.  So the most logical thing to do is to buy a retired school bus, paint it your trademark TNT green, trick it out with some green lights, a flat screen TV, sound sytem and air conditioning, and there you have it:  A means to help in any community event that needs larger scale transportation!  (It helps that your husband drove heavy trucks in a past life and maintained his CDL and passenger endorsement through all those years.)  

We don't just stop with the bus transportation, though: through the years, we have added so many fun things to our community bag o' tricks that make the Cool Bus a Mobile Party on Wheels!  We have a fun wooden Cool Bus cut out for photo opportunities, a green canopy shade tent that doubles as a misting station on super hot summer days, a slide we can add on to the back for little ones, TNT green balloons to paint the town the right shade whenever we step out, and have recently added corn hole boards with custom made TNT green bean bags!  If you behave, you may even earn a TNT Cool Bus sticker that tells the whole world how cool you are!

So if you're planning a community event and need some help with transportation or added fun, please give us a call to see if we can be a part of something that is important to you!  We recognize that we cannot do what we do without our customers, and when you choose to give us your business time and again, we can do more for you!  We love to support local causes, and our kids are learning how to serve others while having fun on the town!  It's a win-win for everyone!

Cool Bus for Lions Club Family Day 2016

Cool Bus for Court Days 2016


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